I purchased a Snugtop Hi-Liner top for my 2013 F250 shortbed with tailgate step from Above and Beyond in Visalia, CA on 10/2/13.
It took about 3 weeks to get the shell in and installed but upon installation it was discovered that the shell was ordered without the specification of the correct part for the rear hatch. It was not specified at the time of order to be built to work with the tailgate that has a built in step, which I have.
This is how the shell looked installed with the wrong part. It is very ill-fitting as can be expected but it was minimally functional until the right part was obtained.
Old 1
Old 2
Old 3
Old 4

This started a multi-week process of getting the right part for the shell. It required 3 separate attempts at getting the right part. Eventually, near the middle of November the right part was delivered and installed.
It required a bit of effort on the installers part to get the replacement part attached and it was obviously the right part this time. However I still am not impressed with the fit of the shell on the truck. I still feel that it is not close enough to the rear window of the truck. The dealer does not know what else to do. Here are some pics: New 1
New 2

I found another person in town that has a 2011 F250 with a Snugtop shell. They do NOT have the ladder in the tailgate. Notice how much closer their fit is: Other F250

I have more pictures of another F250 to show the fit of their top:

Another issue are the side edges. The truck bed has an outward curve to it but the shell is much straighter than the shell and does not look right also: Side 1

Side 2

I do not know if this is a normal fit for the shell but it just does not seem right. Please let me know if this is incorrect or correct. I am very displeased with the fit and I am close to returning the entire shell for a refund and purchasing another brand.
A new issue is that the rear glass is rubbing the tailgate and leaving marks. It appears the rubber gasket was not installed on the replacment piece:

Roger Smith